Discover the 7 Best Halong Bay Luxury Cruise Options

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Want to pamper yourself at the best Halong Bay Luxury Cruise? Choose from these 7 Halong Bay Cruise options for the most bang for your buck!

I have spent countless hours researching the best Halong Bay luxury cruise not only before my trip to Vietnam with my toddler, but also when I had to help out my cousins and family members plan their trip. As part of my research, I have studied the rooms, offerings, itineraries, and onboard services of countless Halong Bay cruises. That’s also how I am now fully equipped to write this article for you so that you have to spend hours researching the best luxury cruise in Halong Bay.

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Le Theatre Cruise offers the most value for money thanks to its excellent onboard amenities and itinerary.

Our top pick of the best Halong Bay cruise is the Le Theatre Cruise.

I have personally stayed on this cruise with my family and in my opinion, it offers the most value for your money.

However there are many options of luxury Halong Bay cruises that offer more amenities and different onboard experiences. So read through this entire post to figure out which Halong Bay luxury cruise is best for you.

My Top 3 Picks: Best Halong Bay Luxury Cruise

#1 Top Pick

Le Theatre Cruise

✅ Most value-for-money luxury cruise

✅ Clean, spacious

✅ Excellent food and itinerary

#2 Pick

Genesis Regal Cruise

✅ Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi

✅ Spacious Rooms and sundeck


#3 Pick
Rita Cruise

Rita Cruise

✅ Swimming Pool,

✅ Excellent rooms
and sundeck

✅ Top-class food

Best Halong Bay luxury cruise

🛳️ Know the cruise:

Types of rooms: Junior Suite, Executive Suite, Panorama Suite, Le Theatre Suite, Family Suite, Junior Connecting Suite
✅ Bathtub in all rooms
❌ Swimming Pool
❌ Hot tub / Jacuzzi
✅ Spa (Additional charge)

🗓️ Itinerary:
2 days 1 night in Lan Ha Bay

As I stated earlier, I stayed on this cruise with my family and absolutely loved my time here.

In fact, I even have a detailed video of my experience on this cruise. You can see the full video below or read more about this luxury Halong Bay cruise below.

The primary reason why I love the Le Theatre Cruise is that it offers a luxury cruise experience for a relatively lower price.

Yes, it doesn’t come equipped with a jacuzzi or a swimming pool but when you are on the cruise for just 24 hours, the lack of these facilities hardly matters.

What matters are the quality of the room, the hospitality, and the cruise itinerary. Le Theatre excels in all these three areas.

Its rooms are beautifully done, neat, and new. Whether you opt for a Junior Suite, Executive Suite, Panorama Suite, Le Theatre Suite, Family Suite, or a Junior Connecting Suite – you would still get an attached balcony and a truly luxe bathtub that looks over the spectacular limestone-filled blues of Halong Bay. Another luxurious addition to the cruise is its fancy Japanese-styled toilet with warm bum showers, seat warmers, etc.

You can pick a room as per your budget without skimping on luxury.

The hospitality is top-notch. The staff is very accommodating. From giving us a 3-person kayak so that we could kayak with our toddler to cooking special baby-friendly food and vegetarian food – we felt well-pampered throughout our time on the cruise.

If you eat meat or have no food restrictions, you’ll be pleased with the lavish spread for lunch, breakfast, and brunch. The set menu for dinner extends over multiple generous and delicious courses.

Its lounge area, dining area, and all the little nooks and corners of the cruise are decorated in a royal color palette full of royal blue, rich whites, and browns.

In terms of its itinerary, this cruise travels over Lan Ha Bay – the less commercial area neighboring Halong Bay cruise. So even when you step out of the cruise for sightseeing stops, you’ll not be bothered by large loud crowds.

Overall, the brand new Le Theatre Cruise is one of the best luxury cruise in Halong Bay delivering an incredible bang for your buck and making luxury accessible even on a smaller budget.

“We loved our stay at Le Theatre cruise and were glad we chose this cruise to see Halong Bay. The boat itself was absolutely stunning and our room was spacious and very well appointed. But it was the food that ended up being what we were looking for the most. I didnt have high expectation coming in since it was fullboard and usually for this kind of fullboard experience the food would just be so so, but everything was absolutely outstanding. Shout out to the entire staff for their effort and attention. This was 10/10 recommendable!”

– Binti | (Read more reviews)

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Genesis Cruise

2. Genesis Luxury Cruises

⭐️ Rating: 9.3+ with 950+ reviews | See availability on

Know the cruise:

Types of rooms: Premium Suite, Senior Suite, Executive Suite, Junior Family / Triple Suite, Senior Family Suite
✅ Bathtub in all rooms
✅ Swimming Pool
✅ Hot tub / Jacuzzi
✅ Spa (Additional charge)

2 days 1 night in Halong + Lan Ha Bay
3 days 2 nights in Halong + Lan Ha Bay

Unlike Le Theatre Cruise – which is a mid-range traveler’s dream for the kind of luxury it offers, Genesis Regal is truly a top-luxury Halong Bay cruise. It doesn’t skimp on its offerings at all.

You’ll get everything from a swimming pool to a jacuzzi to a spacious private bathroom with a bathtub. Plus, what I find impressive is that their itinerary is spaced out to let you enjoy the cruise’s many luxurious offerings.

A few standout features that I absolutely must mention:

  • The sheer luxury of every room, complete with private balconies and bathtubs.
  • The fact that it’s the only cruise with all the beds facing the sea
  • The delectable meals with both authentic Vietnamese food as well as global cuisine renditions are a feast for both the eyes and the palate
  • The unparalleled service, where every crew member seems to have an innate ability to anticipate your every need.
  • The regal color palette, design, and decor of the cruise with the smallest of details being paid enough attention

“The Genesis cruise was a highlight of our trip to Vietnam! The ship is beautiful and well-appointed (the bedroom and bathroom were very spacious and modern, the public areas like the pool / dining area / lounge deck were nicely decorated and relaxing). The meals served throughout the cruise was delicious and plentiful, and there were great options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The activities offered for passengers (rowboat trip through caves, kayaking, spring roll making class, swimming) were spaced out nicely and kept us busy while we got to explore the natural beauty of Halong Bay! The staff throughout the entire cruise was very kind, hospitable, and hard-working to create a pleasurable stay for guests. The Genesis cruise office helped us arrange transport to-and-from Hanoi a few weeks in advance, and the shuttles all arrived on time.

Alexander | Read more reviews

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Orchid Classic Cruise

3. Orchid Classic Cruise

⭐️ Rating: 9.2+ with 300+ reviews | See availability on

Know the cruise:

Types of rooms: Suite with Private Balcony, Orchid Exclusive Suite, Family Suite with Private Balcony
✅ Bathtub in all rooms
❌ Swimming Pool
✅ Hot tub / Jacuzzi
✅ Spa (Additional charge)

2 days 1 night in Halong + Lan Ha Bay
3 days 2 nights in Halong + Lan Ha Bay

The highlight of this luxury Halong Bay cruise is that its rooms are spacious. Moreover, to add to the luxury, the Orchid Classic only has 14 rooms onboard – making your time on the bay a private, luxe affair.

You’ll not be disturbed by large crowds and all the amenities will be at your disposal without wait times.

In fact, Orchid Cruise was amongst the very first luxury cruises of Halong Bay. Its all-wooden interiors and spacious rooms with private bathtubs and balconies set the standard of room quality high in the world of Halong Bay cruises.

Some standout features of the cruise are

  • Large spacious rooms with a balcony and a spacious bathroom – equipped with a clean bathtub, a shower area
  • The beautiful sundeck area with a welcoming jacuzzi
  • Onboard experiences for the entertainment of guests like Vietnamese movie screenings and tai chi sessions
  • Top-notch onboard hospitality and personal attention. You get meals made to suit your dietary preferences and the staff including its support staff, customer service staff, and pick-up and drop-off agents ensure that your end-to-end experience is hassle-free

“Beautiful boat. Rooms were deluxe, service was perfect. Food was beautiful and delicious and plentiful. The chef catered to special diets and that food was delicious and extravagantly presented. The activities were well planned and timed. The tour guide was informative and helpful. This was a fantastic experience”

– Wells | Read more reviews

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Peony Cruise

4. Peony Cruises

⭐️ Rating: 8.9+ with 350+ reviews | See availability on

Know the cruise:

Types of rooms: Deluxe Room, Premium Deluxe Room, Peony Exclusive Suite, Family Deluxe Room, Family Premium Deluxe Room
✅ Bathtub in all rooms
✅ Swimming Pool
✅ Hot tub / Jacuzzi
✅ Spa (Additional charge), Sauna, Gym

2 days 1 night in Halong + Lan Ha Bay
3 days 2 nights in Halong + Lan Ha Bay

I think by now you must have realized that the majority of the offerings on almost all the luxury cruises sailing through Halong Bay are similar. The itinerary of both the 2 days 1 night and the 3 days 2 nights variants is also mostly the same.

So what sets the experience apart is the quality of the service and the quality of the vessel or the cruise itself. Peony cruises have been serving customers on the Ha Long Bay cruise for over 20 years and their experience reflects in the quality of experience they deliver.

The rooms are absolutely clean and well-maintained. The bathrooms are equipped with all the modern amenities including a fancy Japanese toilet seat and a roomy bathtub.

The color combination of the decor exudes classic European vibes and every corner on the cruise right from the balconies to the sundeck to the restaurant ooze luxury.

The restaurant dials it a notch up – with its exquisitely plated delicious food. Attention to detail and the quest to deliver luxury is seen even from the choice of music played at the restaurant as well as on the sundeck – so you know you are sipping your cocktail or chilling in the hot tub or pool in the most relaxing, luxe way possible.

If you are fitness freak, Peony cruise is also equipped with a trendy gym. The itinerary is also one that moves through the less crowded areas so you get to soak in the best views without hustling through crowded beaches.

” The views are amazing and the activities are fun, but what made our trip especially good was the service. I have never experienced this level of luxury and service, where every meal of the day feels like a fine dining experience. I want to mention bobby in particular, who really made our cruise enjoyable!”

– Joey | Read more reviews

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Doris Cruise

5. Doris Cruise

⭐️ Rating: 9.1+ with 500+ reviews | See availability on

Know the cruise:

Types of rooms: Junior Suite, Triple Suite, Honeymoon Suite, Executive Suite, Family Suite
✅ Bathtub in all rooms
❌ Swimming Pool
✅ Hot tub / Jacuzzi
❌ Spa (Additional charge)

2 days 1 night in Halong Bay

Doris Cruise is very similar to Le Theatre in size, number of cabins, and offerings. But the benefit of this cruise is that it is usually priced cheaper than Le Theatre and unlike Le Theatre, it even comes with a hot tub or a jacuzzi.

The staff on this cruise elevate the experience. They accommodate guest requests promptly and host the guests with kindness. Even though the food on this cruise is not as fancy as the food served on Peony or Genesis Regal, the food tastes great and the meals have enough variety to cater to various needs.

Its vegetarian and vegan options are widespread, making this an ideal cruise for Indian travelers.

The cruise, just like the other Halong Bay cruises, mentioned on this list, sails along the less touristy areas around Halong Bay. The large sundeck also allows for a comfortable Tai Chi session at sunrise against gorgeous backdrops.

Overall, if you want value for money, a clean modern cabin, remarkable hospitality, and a spacious sundeck with a small pool, this cruise is your best luxury Halong Bay cruise bet.

“We got the cheapest room and it was so luxurious! The staff are lovely and very attentive, special thanks to James and Jessica. Food was amazing and so many vegetarian options.”

– Antonia | Read more reviews

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La Regina Cruise

6. La Regina Royal Cruise

⭐️ Rating: 8.7+ with 80+ reviews | See availability on

Know the cruise:

Types of rooms: Noble Suite, Imperia Suite, Grand Royal Suite, The Era Suite,
✅ Whirlpool Bath in all rooms
❌ Swimming Pool
✅ Hot tub / Jacuzzi
✅ Spa (Additional charge)

2 days 1 night in Halong Bay

Let me be honest with you all – La Regina Royal Cruise could be a hit or a miss in terms of its activities and food. But its rooms are magnificent and spacious for the price you pay. The suites are particularly

Each room comes with a unique offering in the form of a whirlpool bath – which also makes for the lack of a common swimming pool.

What’s also lovely is that they have an open-air dining area to help you make the best of a good weather day when sailing. The indoor dining is also lavishly done.

The sundeck is also big enough to accommodate its guests in the evening without making the ambiance too noisy and chaotic.

But the areas where you’ll have to be firm with the staff at the time of booking are

  • food: make sure you ask for enough availability and variety and demand that your dietary preferences be accommodated
  • pace of the activities: many guests have reported that the sightseeing excursions are rushed and that guests are not shown the beauty of the caves and the local flora and fauna as well as they as other cruise operators.

“We actually got upgraded to the La Regina Grand and the room was the best room I’ve ever stayed in! The food was incredible and so much of it. The staff were lovely and helpful with our dietary needs (vegetarian). Can not fault this cruise.”

– Pepy | Read more reviews

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Rita Cruise

7. Rita Cruise

⭐️ Rating: 9.2+ with 130+ reviews | See availability on

Know the cruise:

Types of rooms: Deluxe Room, Senior Suite, Royal Suite with Jacuzzi, Presidential Suite, Triple Suite, Family Suite, Deluxe Family Suite
✅ Bathtub
✅ Swimming Pool
✅ Hot tub / Jacuzzi
✅ Spa (Additional charge)

2 days 1 night in Halong Bay

I may have saved the best cruise for the very end. Rita Cruise is a spacious vessel that sails through Lan Ha Bay. It comes equipped with a swimming pool, a jacuzzi as well as a spa.

The level of luxury you experience on this cruise is unmatched. From the cleanliness of the rooms to the royal design to sophisticated amenities made available to the guests – the level of luxury on this cruise is totally worth the higher price you pay for it.

The food standard is top-notch. You’ll be pampered with delicious food that will leave you full. Regardless of your dietary preferences, you will have enough variety and options – for their set meals as well as their buffets.

The activities on board are also nicely timed leaving enough time to relax as well as explore the natural beauty around. Enough time is allocated to kayaking and swimming, letting you make the most of the views around.

Even the onboard activities are delivered with personal attention. Guests are made to feel welcome as the kind hosts attend to them at the sundeck party, the cooking sessions, karaoke, or fishing.

There are also plenty of little luxe nooks all around the cruise for lounging, clicking pictures or simply unwinding.

“everything was as good as the photos. A wonderful experience on HaLong Bay. Something everyone should do, and this boat really was special. The food was 1st class, cabins were very luxurious and the bathrooms were really wonderful. Staff exceptional.”

– Tania | Read more reviews

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FAQs About Luxury Cruises in Halong Bay

Does a Halong Bay Luxury Cruise include free Hanoi pick-up and Drop?

Usually, a complimentary pick up and drop is offered to those who book top-tier suites on cruises. For those booking lower-end cabins like the Junior Suites or Executive cabins need to pay an extra USD 30-40 per person for two-way transport in a limousine

Is an overnight cruise on Halong Bay worth it?

An overnight cruise on Halong Bay is absolutely worth it for those seeking luxury, relaxation, and unwinding against the backdrop of a gorgeous emerald bay and limestone cliffs.
Read my in-depth article on whether Halong Bay is worth it here

Should I do a 2 or 3-day cruise in Halong Bay?

The 3 days 2 night Halong Bay cruise is ideal for those who have the budget to spend on a cruise and the time and interest to explore some of the less visited areas in and around Halong Bay at a slower pace than the overnight cruises sailing Halong Bay

🤩 I recommend the Le Theatre Cruise for the best luxury cruise experience on a moderate budget

Final Thoughts: Halong Bay 5-star Cruises

While many of the luxury cruises in Halong Bay are similar or comparable in terms of their cabin size, amenities and offerings, the ones listed above are the top Halong Bay cruises. Many other cheaper variants that you’ll see on booking platforms will either be too big and packed with tourists or ones that sail along crowded Halong Bay beaches dampening the overall experience.

So depending on your budget, choose a Halong Bay cruise that traverses the less touristy areas, and comes equipped with a clean, modern bathroom, bathtub, and add-ons like a swimming pool and jacuzzi. Given that you’ll be cut off from the mainland, make sure the food served on the cruise caters to your dietary preferences.

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