What to pack for a Goa trip: A Practical No-Fuss List + Guide 2023

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Wondering what to pack for a Goa trip? Don’t worry, I have got the best goa trip packing list presented in a clear no-fuss manner.

In this post, I will share with you exactly what you should pack for a trip to Goa, things to avoid carrying and basic Goa packing tips. You can simply save the list and start packing for your Goa trip without any overwhelm.

As you know, I have been to Goa over twenty times and in every age and stage of my life (as a child, a teenager, with my husband, during pregnancy, as a new mom and as a mom to a toddler!) Based on my experience of packing for a Goa trip, I can assure you that while dressing up (or down!) is far more acceptable in Goa than in other Indian states, it’s not a matter over which you should lose your sleep or get overwhelmed.

When packing for a trip to Goa, you need to carry lots of comfortable clothes, a few fancy clothes, good swimwear, comfortable footwear and sun protection.

In the article below, I discuss in detail all about the type of clothes to carry, non-negotiable skincare products needed for a Goa trip as well as items that you could leave out. Read the post below for an easy-to-follow list.

Goa Packing List

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please read the disclaimer for more information.

Basic Packing Tips for Goa

Before we dive into exactly what to pack, let me share a few tips that you should keep in mind when you pack for a Goa trip.

1. Sun protection is non-negotiable

The sun in Goa is harsh, even in winters. Plus to make things worse, we tend to spend large portions of the day outdoors- on the beach, at forts and other tourist attractions or riding two-wheelers.

Carrying a high-quality sunscreen is an absolute must for men and women.

I have faced severe skinburn on trips where I have forgotten a good sunscreen and my burnt skin has literally peeled and flaked for weeks after coming back from the trip. It was so embarassing that I have had to keep my sunburnt arms covered with full-sleeved shirts and jackets for a few weeks after the trip.

So learn from my mistake and buy a good sunscreen.

Get a 50+ SPF Sunscreen

2. Don’t overpack

All the major tourist areas in Goa have enough shops selling clothes, handbags, jewellery and swimwear for men, women and kids. You will also find medical shops in all tourist areas.

Thus, don’t overpack (to be on the safe side). If you think you’ve forgotten something, you can easily buy it for cheap in Goa.

In fact, on a number of trips to Goa, I have bought beach cover-ups and tops locally instead of carrying them to Goa from Mumbai. I find the variety of tops and beach cover ups far better and affordable in Goa than in other Indian cities.

That’s also why, many foreigners buy most of their clothing upon reaching Goa.

Wondering where to stay in Goa?

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3. Leave space for shopping

It’s hard to not shop when in Goa.

All the major beach areas are flooded with touristy shops. Goa is also known for its cashews and cheap booze.

Many tourists thus end up shopping quite a bit when in Goa.

So make sure you leave enough space in your bags to bring back everything you buy in Goa.

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4. Opt for comfortable clothing

The weather in Goa is mostly hot with temperatures ranging between 27-38 for the most part of the year. Goan weather is only pleasant during winter i.e. between November to February.

Read my article on the best time to visit Goa as per months and seasons

So even if you want to look stylish all throughout, don’t pack clothes that are not comfortable.

Avoid clothes that are-

  • of a synthetic fabric
  • too tight

Wearing such clothes will cause excessive uncomfortable sweating. Opt for cotton, breathable clothes in lighter shades.

5. Keep a few modest items of clothing

Goa is one place for which you can happily pull out your skimpy clothes. But reserve them for beachtime or other casual outings.

For church and temple visits, you will have to dress a bit more conservatively. Avoid sleeveless clothing or clothing above knee-length.

6. Choose the right colours (For perfect Instagram pics)

Goa clothes

If you want to click the best pics for your Instagram, get your colour game right. Here are a few quick suggestions

  • Wear bold colors for Parra Road (the famous filming location of Dear Zindagi). Bold colours beautifully contrast the pale street shades and the neutral hues of the coconut trees in the background.
  • For beach pictures – opt for dreamy neautral shades. They complement the beach colors irrespective of the time of the day and enhance the lazy, laidback vibe.
  • Wear whites in Fountainhas – Fountainhas is a street full of colourful houses. To avoid getting camouflaged with any house colour or to conflict with the colours of the street, it is safest to wear beautiful textured white clothes.

What to pack for your Goa Trip: A Full Checklist

Now that you know the rules of what to pack for a Goa trip, here is a quick and handy checklist.

Akshay walking through shops at Vagator
Akshay and my little one walking through shops at Vagator

1. Clothes


  • A few dresses – Great for cafés and tourist spots
  • Shorts & Tops – good for comfortable scooter rides, hikes and adventure activities
  • Beachwear like a Bikini, Tankini, Beach cover-up, sarongs
  • Party Outfits – for the club nights


  • Casual clothes – for cafés, tourist spots and casual outings (include a few athlectic clothing pieces for adventure activities and hikes)
  • Fancy clothes – for club nights
  • Beach wear

2. Footwear

  • A pair of good flip flops – for the beach or for quick outdoor outings not involving much climbing
  • Casual sandals/shoes – for evenings out with friends and family
  • Heels, closed shoes – for club visits
  • Outdoor shoes for hikes and adventure activities like bungee jumping

3. Accessories

  • Jewellery (Consider buying at a flea market in Goa)
  • Hair clips, hair bands, etc. – needed to keep your hair in place when riding on a scooter.

4. Gadgets

  • A good camera phone (with protection – to protect against water and sand damage) + A zip-lock cover for the phone (for when you go for watersport activities)
  • Drone for overhead shots (completely optional)
  • Go Pro for bike, underwater & adventure footage (completely optional)
  • Chargers of all your gadgets
  • Kindle – for reading by the pool or on the beach
  • Headphones/Earphones/Airpods

Add such other gadgets as you consider fit or are used to travelling with on your trips. The ones listed above are recommended specifically for a Goa trip.

5. Bag

  • A nice backpack – to keep all your belongings safely for days involving touristy outings
  • A Large tote bags for beach time or casual, unplanned outings

6. Skin and hair protection

  • Sunglasses
  • Hat/Cap (You can buy a hat in Goa itself- lots of variety and super cheap)
  • A good mosquito-repellant cream (especially important during monsoons)

In addition to this, carry your favourite shampoo, moisturiser, cleanser, toner or any other products that form part of your daily skin and hair care routine. The ones listed above are non-negotiable for a trip to Goa.

7. Safety

  • Torch Light – For late night outings in deserted areas like Cabo de Rama (avoid as best possible) or secluded beaches.

I love this torch light. It’s lightweight and works on easily available AAA batteries – check on Amazon

  • Powerbank – to get the most out of your phone on long touristy days or beach days.
  • Pepper spray (optional) – advisable for solo women travellers

This pocket-sized one with a solid range is very travel-friendly – check on Amazon

8. For vehicle rentals

  • Valid Id card
  • Driving license

9. For monsoons

  • An umbrella or raincoat

Final Thoughts

Honestly, packing for Goa is not as big a challenge as packing for other destinations could be. The weather in Goa is fairly standard and the Goa packing list given above should work for any season.

If you are travelling with a baby to Goa, you can rely on my comprehensive article on how to travel with a baby for detailed insights. (click here to read article)

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Save for later

Goa packing list
Goa Packing List


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