The Best Trolley Bags in India – Tried & Tested 2023

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Looking for the best trolley bags in India but confused about which one to choose?

Do all the trolley bags look similar? I understand your struggle and I also know how important it is to choose a trolley bag from reputable travel luggage brands in India.

A few years ago, while my husband and I were on our way to Bali, one of my trolley bags ripped open resulting in massive inconvenience and terrible embarrassment.

Ever since, I have been obsessed with doing proper hands-on research on the various cabin trolley bags, laptop trolley bags, and duffel trolley bags – basically, all types of travel luggage sold by the biggest trolley luggage brands in India.

In the last few years, I have used over 15 trolley bags personally on various trips and made my family members try out a few others on their trips.

So read this detailed travel trolley bag guide to make the best decision for your travel needs.

Don’t have time to read the whole article?

The Skybags Open Skies Trolley Bag is the best trolley bag in India. It comes in all sizes, has a TSA Lock, and offers an international warranty.

Before I enlist my favorite trolley luggage, the one tip I have for you is to not buy a trolley bag from shops or malls as the prices in shops are higher than travel bags online. Therefore, it would be advisable to visit these shops to check out the bag of your choice in person and then eventually buy it online.

Top Trolley Bags in India 2022 

top pick

Skybags Open Skies
✔️ All sizes available
✔️ TSA lock
✔️ 3-year international warranty
✔️ Best cabin trolley bag

#2 pick

American Tourister Airconic
✔️Super lightweight
✔️ TSA lock
✔️ Best check-in trolley bag

#3 pick

American Tourister Curio
✔️Expandable Hard Luggage
✔️ TSA lock
✔️ Most stylish and spacious

Hard Trolley Bags vs Soft Trolley Bags – Which to Choose and Why?

The outer surface of trolley bags could either be hard made from polycarbonate or soft made from polyester.

Hard trolley bags – advantages

  • Hard case luggage offers more protection as it usually absorbs the bumps and knocks that a travel bag has to endure.
  • The best polycarbonate trolley bags often last for 5-7 years without any damage. 
  • Hard trolley luggage protects against theft.
  • It does not have any outer pockets, and therefore you do not run the risk of items being put inside your luggage without your knowledge.

Hard trolley bags – disadvantages

  • Hard luggage often has lesser space than soft luggage.
  • The bag needs to be opened completely and takes up more horizontal floor space when unpacking
  • Items need to be packed in two separate halves of the bag which means you can only carry items that are half as deep as the total depth of the bag. 

Soft luggage – advantages

  • Soft luggage usually offers greater storage.
  • It is less bulky and usually comes with an expander.
  • It has handy pockets on the outside
  • You can carry deeper objects in a soft luggage trolley bag
  • It takes less horizontal space when unpacking

Soft luggage – disadvantages

  • Soft trolley bags are prone to more wear and tear and do not last as long as hard trolley bags.
  • Soft luggage runs the risk of being slit open and is more exposed to theft.
  • The outer pockets pose a massive risk of items being put inside your luggage without your knowledge

The best trolley bags in India are available in both variants and what you choose depends entirely on what meets your requirements.

Personally, I prefer hard trolley bags as I find those more suitable for international travel where the safety and security of the bag, as well as the contents of your trolley bag, are extremely important.

Suggested Read: In case you are traveling with kids, read all about the best stroller in India here.

Best Trolley Bags in India

In this section, I am going to put forth my recommendation for the best travel trolley bags online.

The trolley bag reviews have been divided into different categories and I am sure you would easily be able to arrive at a decision based on this article.

Best Cabin Trolley Bags

Quick Overview

Best Cabin Trolley Bag in IndiaTypeLatest Price on Amazon
Skybags Openskies Hard Cabin Trolley Bag (Best overall)HardCheck
American Tourister Ivy Spinner (Best trolley bag for air travel)HardCheck
Skybags Trooper (Most stylish bag) HardCheck
Skybags Rubik (Best soft cabin bag) SoftCheck
Uppercase JFK (Best stylish soft cabin bag)SoftCheck

1. Skybags Openskies Hard Cabin Trolley Bag

What makes it a great trolley bag?
✔️ Small, Medium Large size availability
✔️ TSA lock
✔️ 3-year international warranty
✔️ Beautiful dual-tone color
✔️ Scratch resistant
✔️ Affordable pricing
Check on Amazon

I used this bag extensively during our last two trips – one domestic and one international and there are multiple reasons why I think this is one of the best trolley bags in India.

To begin with, this Skybag trolley bag is one of the few trolley bags online that comes with a TSA lock which is so important when traveling internationally. (Read why in the Buying Guide section below)

This Skybag trolley bag also feels wider and more spacious than many standard cabin trolley bags. The dual-tone color scheme also distinguishes it from the many similar-looking cabin bags online.

The trolley bag is also very easy to roll around. Although the wheels are not as smooth as the lightweight travel bag – American Tourister’s Ivy Spinner listed below, hard trolley bags need more stability and the wheels of this Skybag Open Skies Trolley Bag work well.

The bag also comes with transparent filming on the outside for added protection.

It comes in all sizes, provides a TSA Lock, has a stylish design, an international warranty, an affordable price point, and a structure that seems durable!

Basically, it’s got everything it takes to qualify as one of the best cabin luggage bags in India.
Oh and if the pink color is too girly for you – go for this all-blue dual-tone variant

See price and availability on Amazon

2. American Tourister Ivy Spinner

Best cabin trolley bag in India - American Tourister Ivy Spinner

What makes it a great trolley bag?
✔️ Small, Medium Large size availability
✔️ TSA lock
✔️ 3-year international warranty
✔️ Ultra-smooth wheels
✔️ Elegant design ideal for all types of trips
Check on Amazon

I have had the blue variant of this American Tourister cabin bag for many years now and it’s my go-to bag for short domestic trips, work trips, or even as a baby trolley bag.

This small trolley bag is the perfect size to fit about 7-8 adult-sized clothing items, shoes, and accessories.

When traveling with a baby, I use one side to store diapers and the other to store about 20 pieces of tiny clothing which is almost the equivalent of a 4-day trip with a baby.

The primary reason why this is one of the best cabin trolley bags in India is because of its ultra-smooth wheels and its compact design. You just feel stylish carrying it around.

Avoid overpacking on one side if you don’t want the wheels to feel wobbly.

Also, just like the Skybags Open Skies Hard Trolley Bag above, this American Tourister trolley bag comes with a TSA lock, international warranty, side lugs, internal straps, and all the amazing features that you would expect from the best trolley bag brands in India.

See price and availability on Amazon

3. Skybags Trooper

Best Hard trolley bag India - Skybag Trooper

What makes it a great trolley bag?
✔️ Colorful stylish design
✔️ Available in all sizes
✔️ Lightweight
Check on Amazon

The 4 sturdy double wheels on the bottom make the Skybags Trooper one of the best quality trolley bags in India. The unisex design is so vibrant and colorful that it is perfect for a trip with friends.

That’s also probably why this bag is one of the best-selling trolley bags in India with over 11,000 online reviews! So if you do choose to buy it, use it as a cabin bag to avoid mix-ups on the conveyor belt.

For use as checked luggage, pair it with a unique luggage tag – so that it doesn’t get mixed up on the baggage belt.

It is also as spacious on the inside as the Skybags Open Skies Trolley Bag – which, as you know, is the top trolley bag in India for me.

Personally, since the bag doesn’t have a TSA lock, I prefer this bag for using it as the best trolley bag for train travel or as cabin luggage for domestic travel.

See price and availability on Amazon

4. Skybags Polyester

Best soft cabin trolley bag India - Skybag  Polyester

What makes it a great trolley bag?
✔️ Best soft trolley bag in India
✔️ Deep external pockets
✔️ Lightweight yet sturdy
Check on Amazon

There is something incredible about this soft-sided luggage trolley bag from American Tourister as it never seems to go out of style.

My parents and I have used this trolley bag for years now.

The functionality and storage space it offers are next to none.

This trolley bag is the best trolley bag for domestic trips within India. It is incredibly spacious and useful when you need to pack a lot of stuff for winter trips, weddings, etc. in an Indian cabin-sized trolley bag.

The material is long-lasting, the wheels are as smooth as other Skybag trolley bags and the zippers don’t snag.

If you are searching for the best soft trolley bags, this trolley bag should be your top pick.

See price and availability on Amazon

5. Uppercase JFK

Best soft trolley bag India - Uppercase JFK

What makes it a great trolley bag?
✔️ Stylish unique design
✔️ Quick-access front pockets
✔️ Bottom handle, kick guard, and functionality enhancers
Check on Amazon

The JFK upperside is a new 2023 entrant on my list of the best luggage trolley bags in India. The reason why I have included this soft-sided trolley bag is for its stylish design and premium looks.

As I stated earlier, I am not a fan of non-TSA luggage bags and would not buy the larger sizes in this bag for international travel.

But this soft trolley bag is incredibly useful if you use it as cabin luggage.

The spacious interiors would easily let you pack for a multi-day trip. Plus, the bottom handle would also make lifting the bag up easy when you need to load it in the overhead luggage compartment.

For the same reason, this cabin-size trolley bag would also work well for short domestic train trips.

Additionally, the kick-guards at the back, the curved edges, and the dust-resistant body also make this cabin trolley bag one of the most long-lasting luggage bags in India.

See price and availability on Amazon

Best Trolley Bags for Checked Luggage (Medium/Large)

Quick Overview

Best Cabin Trolley Bag in IndiaTypeLatest Price on Amazon
American Tourister Airconic (Super lightweight)HardCheck
American Tourister Curio (expandable hard trolley bag)HardCheck
Safari Pentagon (stylish, affordable)HardCheck
Genie Florentine (colourful design, affordable)HardCheck
Genie Poppy (best soft trolley bag in medium/large size)SoftCheck

6. American Tourister Airconic

Best big trolley bag in India - American Tourister Airconic

What makes it a great trolley bag?
✔️ Super lightweight
✔️ Stylish and feature-rich
✔️ International warranty + TSA Lock
Check on Amazon

This is the best medium size trolley bag in India. It is also one of the best lightweight trolley bags in India.

I have used it for domestic and international trips and I am absolutely in love with the bag.

This is the same bag that you must have seen in American Tourister’s advertisements with Virat Kohli. The red trolley bag with its neat lines not only looks attractive on camera but is very elegant in real life.

American Tourister Airconic - Trolley bags in India

In addition to its contemporary design, I loved how sturdy the bag was despite being fone of the most lightweight bags in India.

We used it on planes, ships, cruises, and trains and the bag hardly shows any signs of wear and tear.

The bag is also extremely compact and easy to carry around. Its wheels roll so smoothly you hardly feel its weight.

The bag’s internal compartments also come equipped with a wet section and two small pouches that help immensely with the neat storage of accessories, cosmetics, etc.

A few more reasons to crown it as the perfect trolley bag on this list are that the bag comes with a TSA lock, a water-repellant zipper, and sturdy super smooth wheels.

Seriously, don’t think twice! Go for this best Indian trolley bag!

See price and availability on Amazon

7. American Tourister Curio

Best Medium trolley bags - American Tourister Curio

What makes it a great trolley bag?
✔️ Bright, attractive design
✔️ Expandable hard trolley bag (super rare!)
✔️ International warranty + TSA Lock
Check on Amazon

We used this bag (in yellow colour) on our recent trip to Vietnam and this is one of the best medium trolley bags ever.

Why? It comes with expandable storage! It combines the sturdiness of a hard luggage trolley bag with the useful expandability feature of a soft trolley bag.

You thus get the best of both hard and soft luggage in a very attractive-looking trolley bag by American Tourister.

American tourister luggage - Curio in yellow

The colours of the American Tourister are extremely bright and attractive and will require you to gently clean the bag to keep it looking new. But that’s a minor inconvenience for the fact that this is the most spacious medium trolley bag with a hard case.

The handle and the wheels are as smooth, sturdy, and reliable as other American Tourister trolley bags. The zippers roll smoothly.

And the bag comes with a TSA lock!

Seriously, if you are someone who tends to overshop or overpack and need an attractive piece of luggage that over-delivers for its price, opt for this stunning lime-coloured bag.

See price and availability on Amazon

8. Safari Pentagon

Safari Pentagon - Best safari trolley bags

What makes it a great trolley bag?
✔️ Durable thanks to scratch and impact-resistant shell
✔️ 3-year International warranty
✔️ Affordably priced
Check on Amazon

If you are looking for cheap trolley bags in India that deliver great value for money, look no further.

The Safari Pentagon is a top-quality product from Safari that comes with a scratch and impact-resistant exterior that’s very durable.

The zippers and the wheels easily bear the weight of a fully loaded trolley bag. Like most other Safari trolley bags, this bag provides a solid 3-year international warranty.

It does lack a TSA lock, but if you don’t plan to use it frequently for international travel, you won’t miss its absence.

This trolley bag’s solid construction, attractive design, smooth wheels and spacious interiors for a super affordable price, make this one of the best medium trolley bags in India.

See price and availability on Amazon

9. Genie Florentine

Best trolley bag for women - Genie Florentine

What makes it a great trolley bag?
✔️ One of the best trolley bags for women
✔️ 5-year international warranty
✔️ Premium-looking design and interiors
Check on Amazon

Genie is a fashion-forward female-centric luggage bag brand in India by Safari.

This trolley bag is perfect if you want a fun-looking trolley bag, with a glossy finish and bright, bold coloured-design.

The bag’s price point is also much cheaper than many other leading trolley bag brands in India but except for the lack of a TSA lock, the bag doesn’t fall short in its exterior or interior construction.

(A fair disclosure – retail offline stores selling this bag do offer variants with a TSA lock but the price is also a bit higher)

But if you want to buy trolley bags online cheap, this bag would prove to be an excellent choice.

Its shell is made using durable polycarbonate. The zipper doesn’t snag. The wheels rotate as well as other Safari trolley bags and the overall feel is extremely lightweight even in its medium and large size options.

See price and availability on Amazon

10. Genie Poppy Soft

Genie Poppy soft-sided trolley bag

What makes it a great trolley bag?
✔️ One of the best medium and large trolley bags in India
✔️ 5-year international warranty
✔️ Durable
Check on Amazon

The Genie Poppy is the most unique-looking online soft luggage in this section of medium and large trolley bags in India. Most other soft luggage trolley bags come in designs that are extremely common and could cause confusion when traveling by air or in large groups.

Plus, as I stated earlier, I do not recommend using soft luggage in medium and large sizes as it is less durable than solid hard trolley bags.

But this design by Genie provides a refreshing change.

The bag does not feel bulky at all even as a large-size trolley bag. The 360-degree wheel rotation works perfectly even if the bag is packed to the brim. The expander zipper also comes as a handy addition.

The design of the bag, which is what truly distinguishes it from the rest, is made using premium nylon fabric. The outer fabric is also water-resistant so you don’t have to worry too much even if you use it in wet conditions.

The handle of the trolley bag is also lightweight and you can easily roll the trolley bag without tilting it on its rear wheels.

See price and availability on Amazon

Best Laptop Trolley Bag India

11. Novex Pacific 15.6

Best laptop trolley bag - Novex 15.6 backpack with wheels

What makes it a great laptop trolley bag?
✔️ Backpack with wheels
✔️ Unisex design
✔️ Affordably priced
Check on Amazon

This 40-litre laptop strolley bag which can fit a 15.6-inch laptop is perfect for a one or a two-day work trip. The bag comes with two wheels that roll smoothly when inclined.

The height of the handle works perfectly for everyone. The laptop trolley bag also feels sturdy when rolled around on wheels.

The price point is also quite affordable for those who need to travel for work frequently. Opt for this spacious laptop trolley bag if you hate carrying bulky laptop backpacks.

See price and availability on Amazon

12. Clownfish Wanderer Luggage

Best laptop strolley bag - Clownfish Wanderer

What makes it a great laptop trolley bag?
✔️ Elegant design
✔️ Smooth wheels
✔️ Spacious with convenient storage of 15.6 inch laptop
Check on Amazon

This Clownfish Laptop trolley bag is one of my favourite trolley bags for work trips. It looks elegant with its rectangular shape and neutral colour palette.

The laptop bag can easily store a 15.6-inch laptop. In addition to that, the laptop trolley bag comes with a spacious interior compartment to carry clothes and shoes for your work trip.

The handle is large enough to let you roll it without stooping too much.

If you want a laptop trolley bag at an affordable price point that looks more professional than the Novex backpack laptop trolley bag, opt for this smooth laptop bag by Clownfish.

See price and availability on Amazon

Best Duffle Bag Luggage – Trolley Bags

Best duffle trolley bag in India

Personally, I am not a fan of duffle bags as I find it hard to organize clothes and stack them neatly inside the bag. However, many travelers love how voluminous duffel bags are despite their compact structure.

Also, if you are looking for cheap travel bags online, duffel bags might offer more value to you than standard trolley bags.

Here are my top picks of the best duffel trolley bags online

13. Aristocrat Cabin Duffle Bag

If you want a really cheap bag with wheels that over-delivers in terms of quality, opt for the Aristocrat Cabin Duffel Bag.

It truly is one of the best duffle trolley bags online in India.
(Read the detailed review in my full post on the best duffle bags in India)

Aristocrat duffle trolley bag

Check price and availability on Amazon

American Tourister Grey Travel Duffel Bag

If you are looking for cabin bags online in a duffle-variant, this grey travel duffle bag by American tourister is one of the best luggage bags in India.

It is a premium-looking cabin bag that’s moderately priced. Read the full review in my detailed post on the best travel duffel bags here.

American tourister travel duffle bag

Check price and availability on Amazon

Best Trolley Bags Brands in India – Top Picks

There are several travel bag brands that are making a mark in the Indian markets. My most favorite brands are –


Best small trolley bag - Skybag trolley bag

Skybags is a baby of VIP Industries Ltd but has been marketed as a separate brand and is known for its stylish looks. Therefore the designs of Skybags luggage are trendier and more colourful. This brand is a part of VIP Industries Ltd and so the quality delivered is top-notch.

I particularly love Skybags Open Skies Trolley Bag and Skybags Polyester Trolley Bag.

American Tourister

Best American Tourister trolley bags

This brand produced by Samsonite Corporation is one of the oldest luggage brands in the world. Their luggage is mainly structured to suit air travel, and every single product goes through rigorous quality checks.

American Tourister is one of my personal favorite brands for its smooth wheels and wear and tear-resistance quality of soft luggage. If I had to pick one brand as the best brand for trolley bags in India, I would choose American Tourister.

The American Tourister Airconic and the American Tourister Curio are one of my favourite trolley bags ever. I have used those extensively for domestic and international travel and can’t praise them enough for their style, lightweight design and durability.

VIP Bags

As an Indian, when you think ‘travel’, you think VIP. VIP is one of the oldest travel companies in India. From making heavy, strong bags in the 80s to becoming the best trolley bag company today, VIP has evolved beautifully.

VIP Trolley bags come in a multitude of colours and sizes, ideal for all types of travellers. Moreover, the brand’s trustworthiness means you can even buy VIP bags online without any hesitation.

Over the years, VIP’s brand Skybags has grown a lot more in popularity than the brand VIP itself. Skybag designs are trendier are more international-looking than classic VIP bags. The wheels of Skybag trolley bags are also much smoother than VIP Trolley bags and that’s why I have not featured a VIP trolley bag on this list of the best trolley bags India.


Safari Industries is yet another one of the best trolley bag brands in India producing high-quality trolley bags.

Safari produces some of the finest hard luggage bags, soft luggage bags, and duffle bags. Its travel backpack collection has grown in popularity. Safari also recently acquired Genie – a leading travel trolley brand that is female-centric in its designs.

The Safari Pentagon is one of the best hard trolley bags on this list.

How to choose from the best trolley bags in India

So how do you decide which trolley bag is best among all the options available online? This article will answer that question for you.


Small trolley bag vs Big trolley bag

The size of your trolley bag is a crucial factor that you must consider when checking out travel bags online. If you are looking for the best trolley bags for international travel or trolley bags for extended holidays, you must ideally choose a large luggage bag. Typically the height of a large travel bag is 70 cm or more.

My favourite large travel bag is the American Tourister Curio which is a rare expandable hard luggage trolley bag.

However, if you are going on a short trip, you should buy yourself carry-on luggage. Carry-on luggage or hand luggage is the luggage you can take with you on the flight. Typically hand luggage bags are small and should have a maximum height of 56 cm.

My absolute favourite small-sized cabin luggage is this dual-coloured Skybags Openskies trolley bag

Number of Wheels

A travel bag with wheels is primarily available in two variants – dual wheels and with singular wheels. Thus, a travel bag with wheels may either have four wheels or eight wheels.

For a travel bag with just four wheels to operate smoothly on all surfaces, the wheels must be of good quality, and the size of the wheels must support the weight of the bag.

Therefore, you will note that a premium-quality luggage bag with wheels usually has eight wheels – dual wheels below every corner of the bag. These provide optimal support, carry the bag’s weight evenly, and work well on all surfaces.

In most cases, a bag with eight wheels such as the American Tourister Ivy Spinner need not even be tilted while dragging as it can smoothly roll across all surfaces in a straight position.

Quick note: Some trolley bags still come with only two wheels. However, I do not recommend using these as they do not support themselves when standing and have to be tilted at all times when dragging.

TSA Lock

TSA Lock on trolley bag

TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration. In the US, a TSA agent is allowed to open the bag and inspect the contents of the bag. Therefore a bag with a TSA lock can not only be opened by its owner but also by the TSA agents. The advantage of buying a bag with a TSA lock is that the agents will smoothly open the bag with their TSA key.

However, if your bag does not have a TSA lock and it needs to be inspected, the TSA agent will, unfortunately, have to break through your bag by other means that involve heavily damaging it. Therefore, it is always advisable to buy a bag with a TSA lock.

However, do note that the trolley bag price of such bags is usually higher than those without a TSA lock.

Best Travel Trolley Bags India – FAQs and Full Guide

Travel luggage bags with wheels

Which brand Luggage Trolley is best in india?

If you want to buy a ‘made in India’ trolley bag, Skybags makes the best trolley luggage bags in India. Skybags Openskies is a trolley bag that has the best design, sturdiness as well as important features like a TSA lock.

If you don’t mind spending on an easily available trolley bag brand in India that’s not originally from India, opt for American Tourister trolley bags.

Which bag is best – plastic or cloth? hard or soft?

In terms of durability and versatlity of use, hard trolley bags or plastic trolley bags are better. Hard trolley bags last longer, protect from theft or suspicious activity, and offer more protection against rain. They are ideal for air travel. Soft luggage on the other hand is more spacious and takes up less floor space when traveling.

Which is better VIP or Safari?

VIP Industries brand Skybags produces the best trolley bags in India and their quality is much better than Safari trolley bags.

Distinguish your trolley bag

Travel luggage tag on American Tourister trolley bag

With more and more people choosing to buy trolley bags online, you will find many travelers using identical travel luggage. Traveling with luggage that’s the same or similar to that of your co-passengers and travelers could cause immense confusion as well as the possibility of your luggage getting misplaced or exchanged.

To avoid such situations, it is best to distinguish your trolley bag using a luggage tag.

I love these customizable luggage tags the most for this purpose.

Take care of your bag

To get the most out of your trolley luggage bag, you should take good care of it.

Here are a few tips that could greatly enhance the life of your trolley bag.

  • Cover your trolley bags using a PVC trolley bag cover. This simple extra step when traveling can go a long way in making sure your trolley bag doesn’t get damaged in cargo or on account of rough handling, wet weather conditions, etc.
  • Wipe your trolley bag with a clean dry cloth after every trip. Vacuum it thoroughly if the bag may have been exposed to bed bugs.
  • Remove stains using any plastic cleaner (for hard luggage) or a mixture of baking soda and water.
  • Store it in a clean dry space. Avoid humid conditions in storage areas.
  • Avoid storing items over an empty soft luggage trolley bag. Store empty trolley bags inside one another wherever possible to help retain their shape.
  • Check for wear and tear of handles, wheels, seams, and zippers. Get the trolley bag serviced immediately if you notice any wear and tear.
  • Always lift trolley bags on staircases to protect their wheels.
  • Do not overstuff your bag as it can easily cause the bag to crack or slit. Avoid putting any pointed objects at the top or bottom end of the bag.

Quick Round-up

Hope you found the above article helpful in picking the best trolley bag.

While all of the bags listed above are great, the following are my ultimate favorite picks under each category –

  1. Best Cabin LuggageAmerican Tourister Ivy Spinner or Skybags Openskies
  2. Best Check-in LuggageAmerican Tourister Airconic
  3. Best Laptop Trolley BagNovex 15.6 inch Laptop Trolley Bag
  4. Best Duffle Trolley BagAmerican Tourister Grey Travel Duffle Bag

Which of the above bags would you buy?

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