Ultimate Guide on the Best Duffel Bags in India (For travel) – 2023

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We love writing about the best travel bags in India, and we know how much you’ll love reading our articles. Whether with our article on the best trolley bags or the best backpacks or the best rucksacks – you have always trusted us with our reviews.  

That’s precisely why, in this post, I have decided to review the best duffel bags in India and pick the best duffel bag online. 

But before that, let me be completely honest with you’ll! I have only become a fan of duffel bags a couple of years ago after discovering how well they optimise space and help you carry a lot more stuff than regular hard-sided cabin baggage would allow you. But when I started looking for duffel bags near me, I couldn’t find a reliable retail store with abundant variety. 

That’s when I decided to try out a number of duffel bags found online. Now that I have enough experience using various brands, I felt it was about time to write a detailed article on it! 

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Comparison Chart

Before I tell you about what makes the best duffel bag and how to select one that is right for you, refer to this quick comparison chart giving specifications of the best duffel bag India! 

NameImageDimensionsCapacity (in litres)Suitable for use as cabin luggageRemarksPrice
Aristocrat Cadet Travel Duffle
53 x 28 x 30 cms40YesBest cabin duffel bagCheck
American Tourister Polyester 67 cms Grey Travel Duffle67 x 37 x 37 cms85
NoBest large duffel bagCheck
Hyatt Leather Travel Duffle51 x 27.5 x 30 cms32YesBest leather travel duffel bagCheck
Safari ARC Polyester Travel Duffle31 x 26 x 55 cms40YesBest unisex duffel bag for travelCheck
Zion bag Polyester Travel Duffel Bag54 x 22 x 33 cm60NoBest budget travel duffelCheck
KILLER Polyester Travel Duffle23.5 x 46.36 x 26.67 cms34YesBest stylish duffel bag without wheelsCheck
High Sierra Duffel Trolley Suitcase with Backpack Straps37x65x37 cms85NoBest Multipurpose duffel bag with backpack strapsCheck
Gear New Maxis Duffel cum Backpack45 x 24 x 24 cms24YesBest backpack duffel bagCheck

Top Duffel Bags in India 2023

Handy reference list of the best duffel bags in India – see all the best duffel bags reviews below. 

  • Aristocrat Cadet Travel Duffle, 2 kg
  • American Tourister Polyester 67 cms Grey Travel Duffle, 2.35 kg
  • Hyatt Travel Duffle, 1.2 kg
  • The Clownfish Flora Women’s Duffle Bag, 690 g
  • Safari ARC Polyester Travel Duffle, 1.9 kg
  • Zion bag Polyester Travel Duffel Bag, 980 g
  • KILLER Polyester Travel Duffle
  • High Sierra Duffel Trolley Suitcase with Backpack Straps, 4.9 kg
  • Gear New Maxis Duffel cum Backpack, 550 g

Do you need a duffel bag or a suitcase?

Both duffel bags and suitcases have their own unique benefits. The duffel bag’s most significant advantage is that it maximises storage space because of its soft material and minimal compartments. 

Thus, if you want to carry more stuff in a limited amount of space, you should opt for a duffel bag. 

Moreover, most duffel bags, unlike suitcases, are versatile, i.e. you can use them for several purposes other than travel such as for sporting events, visits to gyms etc.

Choosing the best duffel bags IndiaBuying Guide

Choosing a duffel bag isn’t hard, but it requires a clear understanding of what to look for in the best duffle bags available in India.


The size of a duffel bag is the most crucial factor that you need to consider when choosing a duffel bag for travel.

If you want a duffel bag for use as cabin luggage, you must choose a small duffel bag whose dimensions are less than 55*35*25 cms (total 115 cms) or 22*14*10 inches (total 46 inches) which are the standard cabin baggage dimensions prescribed by most leading airlines. 

If you do not wish to carry your duffel as hand luggage, you could opt for a larger sized duffel bag. 


The factor that determines how much stuff you can carry along is the capacity or the volume of a duffel bag. 

Check out this table to determine what volume you should be aiming for – 

SizeVolumeNo. of days of travel
Small Small duffel bagsup to 40 litres2-4 days
Medium duffel bags40-70 litres4-7 days
Large duffel bagsmore than 70 litresmore than 7 days

Ideally, for longer trips, it is best to choose a regular trolley bag instead of a duffel bag is trolley bags are more secure and robust. Plus, you can carry trolley bags with greater ease. 

However, for shorter trips, a duffel bag is more convenient than carrying a hard-sided trolley bag as it is more compact and usually comes with more volume than trolley bags. 


The primary reason why most people opt for a duffel bag is for its material. Duffel bags mostly come in synthetic polyester or leather. Thanks to their material, they are capable of holding a perky rectangular or oval shape. Plus, the lack of hard-sided padding means that you can carry more stuff in a duffel bag than regular suitcases. 

Most polyester nylon duffel bags are lightweight, water-resistant and need minimal maintenance. 

Leather bags, on the other hand, leather travel duffel bags offer a better grip for carrying around, are more long-lasting and look classy too! 

However, note that most duffel bags come with no wheels or with just two back wheels. It is therefore essential to check the quality of handles and zippers used on the duffel bag. Cheap plastic zippers or unpadded handles will make carrying a duffel bag too cumbersome. Moreover, the duffel bag will not be able to sustain rough travel. 


As I have stated earlier, duffel bags are usually not equipped with many internal and external pockets. Most standard duffel bags come with one main compartment and one or two additional pockets. 

Choosing a duffel bag with fewer pockets is ideal for 

  • maximise the storage space
  • carrying large, bulky items (musical instruments or sports goods) 
  • short weekender trips 

However, you may need to zero down on a duffel bag with more pockets if – 

  • you are a woman (usually need to pack hair accessories, make-up, multiple footwear, gadgets etc. in separate compartments)
  • you are travelling on a more extended trip and need to carry multiple footwear and accessories.

Best Duffel Bags in India – Detailed Reviews 

Aristocrat Cadet Travel Duffle 

Aristocrat Cadet Travel Duffle

Aristocrat is one of the best duffel bag brands in India as it comes from the reputed and trusted VIP Industries Limited. 

True to its reputation, this rolling duffel bag is equipped with smooth back wheels for carrying comfort. In addition to that, the bag has two handles — one on the top end and one at the centre to make moving the bag around super convenient. 

The bag is also equipped with a perfectly-sized trolley handle that doesn’t make you bend while dragging the duffel bag. 

In terms of the storage provisions, the bag is relatively uncomplicated. It comes with just one main compartment. Even though the compartment is small, it is quite wide to hold clothing in place. Your clothes will not fold on the sides due to its adequate width. 

It also has one additional pocket on the front to quickly drop in your boarding pass or other documents you want to be easily accessible. 

The size of the bag is ideal for use as cabin luggage. 

Overall, this duffel bag impresses with its simplicity, trust-worthy quality and functional design.

Verdict – The Aristocrat Cadel Travel Duffel is the best cabin luggage duffel bag in India. 

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American Tourister Polyester 67 cms Grey Travel Duffle

American Tourister Polyester 67 cms Grey Travel Duffle

If you have read my previous post on the best trolley bags, you would already know how much I love American Tourister as a brand. In my opinion, this brand consistently dishes out luggage that is both functional and good looking. 

This reasonably large duffel bag by American Tourister will instantly impress you with its clean design and colour that will suit any type of traveller. Moreover, even though the bag comes in an enormous capacity of 85 litres, it does not look bulky. 

This large travel duffel bag has one main compartment in which, if you are crafty enough with your packing skills, you can easily fit in up to 7 days worth of clothes. The duffel bag has also been made extra travel-friendly with the addition of the laptop compartment. 

This duffel bag’s wheels are incredibly smooth, and the adjustable handle makes rolling the bag around quite comfortable. Make sure that you are gentle while pulling it out though to avoid breakage. 

If you would like to lift the duffel, you can rely on the padded handles on the top or the small loop near the trolley handle.  

Of course, because of its large size, the bag can’t be used as cabin luggage. 

Verdict – The American Tourister Polyester 67 cms Grey Travel Duffle is the best large travel duffel bag available online. 

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Hyatt Leather Duffle Bag

Hyatt Leather Duffle Bag

Okay, first of all, this leather duffel bag looks spectacular. You will instantly fall in love with its classy, professional look. What makes this particular duffel bag, one of India’s best leather bags is that it packs in various high-quality features that are usually not found in standard duffel bags. 

To begin with, it comes with multiple compartments making it a perfect choice for formal trips. The laptop compartment is beautifully padded. On the top end, you will find a number lock which is rarely found in duffel bags. 

It also features high-quality 360 degrees revolve wheels that make carrying the bag around very easy on the hands. 

Its capacity is also moderate enough for quick two day trips. 

Also, being a genuine leather product, the bag continues to look great even after extended periods of use. Of course, please keep it away from water! 

Verdict – The Hyatt Leather Duffel Bag is the best leather duffel bag in India. 

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Safari ARC Polyester Travel Duffle

This black duffel bag is a quality product made by one of the leading travel brands in India – Safari. The bag works as a great duffel bag for men as well as women because of its basic black finish and clean, functional design. 

This bag packs in all the features you need in an ideal travel duffel bag such as a trolley handle, sturdy yet easily manoeuvrable wheels, convenient storage facilities, and handles to carry the bag with ease.

In fact, what makes this duffel bag deliver great value for money is that it provides all of these features at an affordable price rate without compromising on the quality of materials used. This means that the duffel bag can easily withstand rough travel. 

I particularly love the quality of its extendable handle and its deep front pocket. 

Moreover, this duffel bag is perfect for use as cabin luggage too. 

(However, note that the Aristocrat duffel bag mentioned above, although a bit more expensive, offers better width than this duffel bag)

Verdict – This is the best unisex duffel bag for travel.

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Zion bag Polyester Travel Duffel Bag 

Okay, first things first, to set your expectations straight – This may not be the most attractive travel duffel or a sports duffel bag available in the market, but it is still included in the list for how well it performs for a relatively low price tag. Therefore, keep reading this review only if you are looking for a budget duffel bag. 

This mid-sized travel duffel bag comes in a capacity of 60 litres (smaller variants available) and yet weighs less than a kg. 

Plus, unlike regular travel duffel bags, this duffel bag features multiple compartments. Thus, you will hardly face any storage issues with this duffel bag. 

Plus, the material is water-resistant and can easily withstand rough cargo treatment at airports or some unruly train journeys. (In fact, the makers of this bag call it a waterproof bag!)

The bag does come with wheels, but since the bag is not equipped with a trolley handle, the wheels do not serve any purpose. 

Verdict – This duffel bag is one of the best budget duffel bags in the market. 

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KILLER Polyester Travel Duffle

Sometimes, while travelling, you need a stylish duffel bag that can double up as your day-trip bag too. Thus, it would help if you had a bag that does not come with wheels so that once you reach your destination, you can carry the duffel bag along with you on day trips too. 

In my opinion, this duffel bag is ideal for these requirements. It’s a small duffel bag that can only carry clothes for a couple of days. But its size is perfect for use as a handy day-trip double bag that will easily fit in your car booty or one that you can comfortably carry around all day. 

Plus, in terms of its looks, this is one of the best duffle bags in India. Its brown, leather-like finish looks great even after the duffel bag has been used a few times. 

The bag’s main compartment can also be stuffed with extras that you shop for thanks to its soft polyester fabric.  

Verdict – This is the best duffel bag for travel, especially for day-trips.

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High Sierra Duffel Trolley Suitcase with Backpack Straps

High Sierra is known to be a brand that comes up with innovative, ingenious designs, and this duffel bag is one fantastic example of that. 

This High Sierra duffel bag looks like a standard duffel bag that doubles up as a regular suitcase and triples up as a backpack! What! I was as surprised as you are when I first saw this duffel bag. 

This bag comes with two wheels and a trolley handle like standard duffel bags but can be opened horizontally exactly like a suitcase. What’s great is that the suitcase is expandable up to a few inches even though it is made like a hard-sides middle-opening suitcase. The bag is loaded with a zippered pocket in the middle of the two suitcase ends and a deep front pocket. 

The back pocket is where you will find the straps for using this duffel bag as a backpack. 

The wheels of this premium duffel bag are also massively impressive. They roll well and also allow the duffel to stand upright! 

Needless to say, you must be ready to shell a few extra bucks though if you want to benefit out of the incredible features that this bag offers. 

Verdict – This duffel bag is the best premium multipurpose duffel bag in India. 

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Gear New Maxis Duffel cum Backpack

This Gear duffel bag brings to you the best of the two worlds – that of a standard duffel and that of a functional backpack. 

This small-sized, round-ended duffel bag that loads from the top like a regular backpack. Thanks to its narrow duffle-like structure, the bag feels very comfortable when carried on the back. Moreover, its shape makes it more convenient to store clothes and other travel items than a regular backpack.

A simple zippered front pocket is also provided to store extras.  

If you want to carry it like a duffel, you can use the extendable strap and drag it along. Its size also makes it cabin-friendly. 

What’s impressive about this bag is the material used. The polyester is waterproof, and the bag itself is relatively lightweight for its capacity. 

Verdict – This is the best backpack duffel bag in India.

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Final Thoughts –

My attempt through each of my articles (especially review posts) is to give you information to help you arrive at a decision. That’s precisely why I only write about products available in India and those that work well for various types of travels. 

As I have stated before, there isn’t one ideal bag that can be titled as the best duffel bag as each works well in different areas. Therefore, here’s a quick round-up to help you decide – 

Best travel duffel bags with wheels (cabin-size)— Aristocrat Cadet Travel Duffle or Safari ARC Polyester Travel Duffle 

Best travel duffel bags with wheels (check-in size) – American Tourister Polyester 67 cms Grey Travel Duffle

Best travel duffel bag without wheels – KILLER Polyester Travel Duffle

Best waterproof duffel bag – Zion bag Polyester Travel Duffel Bag or Gear New Maxis Duffel cum Backpack

Best travel duffel backpack – Gear New Maxis Duffel cum Backpack

Best multipurpose duffel bag – High Sierra Duffel Trolley Suitcase with Backpack Straps

So which duffel bag are you going to choose? Do let us know!

You can also check out our other travel product reviews here.

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