Sidz Cottage Review: A Delightful Nagaon Cottage Experience

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This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please read the disclaimer for more information.

When I was a little school kid, I had visited Nagaon, Alibaug, with my family. The memories of that trip are hazy as that was the pre-internet and pre-camera phone age. But even though I don’t remember the specifics, I distinctly remember the fun I had on the trip, the warmth of staying at a local home, and the joy of eating a hearty meal after spending hours at the beach.

I wanted to recreate similar memories for my daughter, and so I started looking for cottages in Nagaon. My search led me to Sidz Cottage, Nagaon.

In this post, I am going to write a detailed review of Sidz Cottage Nagaon. The review is based on my overnight stay at the Sidz Cottage with my husband and my 3-year old daughter.

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Sidz Cottage Review: Best cottages in Nagaon, Alibaug
Sidz Cottage, Nagaon: A detailed review

Sidz Cottage Review


Sidz Cottage is located about 15 minutes away from Alibaug in a town called Nagaon. The closest beach to Sidz Cottage is Nagaon Beach, about 5-10 minutes away by car.

The location of Sidz Cottage is ideal for those that want to stay away from the crowded areas of Alibaug but at the same time do not want to be in a remote interior area. Nagaon is a fairly developed sister-town of Alibaug. So, if you are looking for a cottage near Nagaon beach, Sidz Cottage is an excellent option.

The area close to Nagaon beach is crowded, the road condition is poor and travelling towards Alibaug takes a bit longer. To be honest, we didn’t mind the fact that Sidz Cottage is not exactly a cottage at Nagaon beach, but that it’s located a bit further away from the beach.


Sidz Cottage Villas seen from outside

We stayed at Villa 6 at Sidz Cottage. The property has three types of accommodation: Villa, Village and a Bungalow. The Village and the Bungalow are designed to accommodate larger families. But the size of the villa room is ideal for a couple or even a small family of three like ours.

The room’s fluid aesthetic design is attractive. The balcony opens to a plush river view. The bay window with trees outside is the perfect spot to read and unwind. The tiny gesture of keeping a few books in the room sweetens the overall experience.

The room at a Villa in Sidz Cottage

As far as the bathroom is concerned, it is a modern and spacious glass bathroom. It has a bathtub with a window that overlooks the river. The wooden partition separating the bathroom from the room also adds to the vintage charm of the room.

A glass partition separates the bathtub from the rest of the room. Personally, I am not a fan of glass partitions, so I was happy to see the option to roll the blinds down and secure privacy. But if you like couple-friendly accommodations providing glass bathrooms, you will be pleased with this villa.

On-site amenities

I cannot do justice to the Sidz Cottage review without raving about the on-site amenities. The owners of this property have gone above and beyond to ensure that the guests of the place have a pleasant stay.

Sidz Cottage has many hammocks and swings (even the classic tyre ones!). I had so much fun hanging out here with my kid and husband. But if you are not too fond of swings, there are multiple hang out areas on the premises. A dedicated gazebo and a chill lounge are excellent for spending hours chitchatting and playing games, especially if you are travelling in large groups. The cottage also features a smoking zone (for those that can’t do without their puff).

There is also a tastefully decorated in-house restaurant with abundant seating for even those days when the cottage is full.

The reception area houses multiple activities. You can enjoy a game of table tennis or get competitive with carrom or chess. Snooker fans can use the table at a nominal charge. You can even borrow badminton racquets to play in the on-site open area.

Plus, introverts can find solace in the company of one of the many books available on site.

My 3-year old city-bred daughter was also fascinated to see jackfruit trees, colourful flowers and overall versatile plantation.

There is also enough parking for the guests.


Entering the beautiful restaurant

Alibaug’s tourist infrastructure is still in the growing phase. This means that there are only a handful of fine-dining restaurants and cafés. Most of the eateries in Alibaug are modest restaurants serving local food. Most restaurants are not listed on any food aggregator website, and hence it is challenging to figure out which place serves good food.

But that difficulty is put to rest by the availability of an in-house restaurant that serves delicious food. For lunch, you get a classic authentic local food thali. You can choose from the veg, fish and chicken variants. I tried out the veg thali, and its homely warmth was genuinely comforting. The taste of sol kadhi, in particular, was heavenly. Akshay tried out the seafood thali and loved the fish cooked to perfection in local flavours.

Delicious breakfast

For breakfast, the cottage puts up a buffet with a wide variety of local dishes. On our visit, the buffet spread included sabudana khichadi, misal pav (with the option to add dahi to it), omelette, bread (with butter and jam), juices, tea and coffee.

The experience of eating at this restaurant was enjoyable thanks to the quality of preparation, the service of the restaurant staff, and the beautiful decor of the open-air restaurant.

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The most heart-warming part of living in cottages is that it employs local people, unlike commercial hotels and resorts that hires hospitality staff.

In fact, our experience at Sidz was also very satisfactory because of the personal attention we got from the staff. The place didn’t have an air of formality, and the team at Sidz attended to us with a genuine desire to make our stay pleasant.

From fulfilling our request for an extra bed to handing extra towels to us, we felt adequately looked after.

Plus, because it employs locals who know Alibaug, we got excellent suggestions from them on places to eat and visit in Alibaug.

The only minor drawback was the lack of an intercom. We had to call the manager from our mobile phones whenever we wanted something delivered to our room. But that’s just a small inconvenience, and it didn’t bother us much.

Final Thoughts

Our stay at Sidz Cottage was delightful. This Alibaug cottage seemed to be highly well-managed and beautifully maintained. The lush green landscape rejuvenated us, and the aesthetically done rooms felt inviting. Honestly, we have no complaints about this place in Nagaon. We genuinely recommend it to those travelling to Alibaug and looking for the best places to stay in Alibaug.

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