16 Konkan photos that prove it is a paradise on earth!

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When we post Konkan photos on our Instagram account, a number of people, both Indian and Non-Indian ask us where this region is. As a Mumbaikar, who has frequently visited this gem in Western Maharashtra, I find the lack of popularity of Konkan among tourists disappointing. Therefore, today, I am going to share with you 16 Konkan photos that will give you glimpse of this region which is nothing short of a real paradise on earth! I am sure that by the time you finish going through these Konkan photos, you will have put Konkan on your travel bucket-list.

Padale Beach in KonkanPadale Beach in Konkan

Calm sea, white sand, bed of black stones and mountains in the background is what you will get at Padale beach. Would you not be tempted to go to a place like this?

Sunset at Ladghar Beach in KonkanSunset at Ladghar beach in Konkan

A beach and a sunset is a classic romantic combination. Come and witness one such romance of nature at Ladghar beach.

White-throated Kingfisher of KonkanWhite-throated Kingfisher of Konkan

While travelling in Konkan you will come across a lot of species of birds. White-throated Kingfisher is commonly spotted around water bodies, electric wires or at abandoned places. Looks like this birdie is posing for a photoshoot!

School in KonkanSchool in Konkan

Wouldn’t you like to study in a school like this which is surrounded by lovely trees, has abundant sunlight and no disturbances of cars honking?

Backwater ferry transfers in KonkanBackwater ferry transfers in Konkan

Have you ever travelled in a ferry along with your vehicle? If no, then head to Konkan for this one-of-a-kind experience.

State transport buses of KonkanState transport buses of Konkan

The state transport buses, popularly known as S.T. buses, run daily services in various parts of Konkan. They are the best way to enjoy Konkan like a localite.

Black kites of KonkanBlack kites of Konkan

This bird of prey is often found in the coastal areas of Konkan. The landing of a kite on water to catch a living sea creature is a rare spectacle that should not be missed.

Twilight at Karde beach in KonkanTwilight at Karde beach in Konkan

Honestly this visual had me sold. This place is such a treat to one’s eyes that even this amazing photo is probably not doing it justice. See it yourself and you will know what I mean.

A typical house in KonkanA typical house in Konkan

Slanting roofs, natural ventilation and betel nut trees in the backyard always pull me towards these countryside homes. Ensure that you get to relax and spend some quality leisure-time in one such home.

Lion-head rock at Harihareshwar in KonkanLion-head rock at Harihareshwar beach in Konkan

This natural illusion of the Sahyadri seen at Harihareshwar brings to life the lyrics of the Marathi song ‘Sahyadricha Sinvha Garjato’ (i.e. the lion of the Sahyadri roars!)

Vashishthi river of KonkanVashishthi river of Konkan

A river flowing between green fields and mountain ranges has always been our imagination of a perfect landscape. When I saw this sight, I remembered all the drawings I had made as a kid in school.

A sunset at Raigad in KonkanA sunset at Raigad in Konkan

Wouldn’t this be an ideal backdrop for the poster of a Shivaji Maharaj film? My Maharashtrian heart was beating with pride seeing this visual of the giant fort of Raigad.

Common Spider of KonkanCommon Spider of Konkan

The bio-diversity of Konkan will make sure you have interesting travel companions along your journey. This spider is commonly found all over Konkan! How colourful, isn’t it?

Ropeway at Raigad in KonkanRopeway at Raigad in Konkan

People of all age groups can easily access the enormous fort of Raigad thanks to this ropeway. Taking a ride on one is not only a fun experience but also best for clicking those bird’s eye view pictures of the Raigad Village.

Fishermen’s transport in KonkanFishermen's transport in Konkan

Colourful boats of fishermen dot the coast of Konkan. Silently observing their daily hustle-bustle gives a beautiful insight into the life of a typical Konkani person.

Coconut trees and a narrow road in KonkanCoconut trees and a narrow road in Konkan

The moment you look at this picture, a dozen Bollywood songs will begin to play in your head! Hasn’t Konkan got the ‘musafir’ within you excited?

Have you taken a trip to Konkan? If not, what are you waiting for? Start your new year with a ‘couple of journeys’ to the beautiful locales within our very own country! (For Non-Indians reading this, make sure you put this not-so-popular region in your travel itinerary. It will definitely do enough justice to the wanderlust within you.)

Which of these Konkan photos did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Picture Credits: Akshay Ketkar

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