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Tiger N Woods Resort, Pench: Best Resort in Pench? (First-Hand Review)

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While I was researching the best places to stay in Pench, I came across so many videos of bloggers recommending the Tiger N Woods Resort that I was worried it’s going to be one of those places that use influencer marketing strategies and doesn’t actually live up to the hype. However, I am so happy to announce that I was completely wrong. The Tiger N Woods is one of the most popular resorts in Pench for its excellent location, service and facilities.

So in this post, I am going to write a detailed review of the hotel based on my personal experience of staying at the hotel. I visited the hotel in November 2021 with two more friends and stayed in a Tiger Suite.

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Tiger N Woods Resort, Pench

Note: Tiger N Woods did not sponsor my stay at their resort and this review is an unbiased review based entirely on my experience of staying at the resort. However, I will be adding affiliate links to this post so that you can book your stay at Tiger N Woods Resort, Pench. If you book using any of those links I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Practical Information: Tiger N Woods Resort, Pench

Location: Village Awarghani, Pench Tiger Reserve, Turiya, Madhya Pradesh 480881

Room types: Tiger Suite and Machaan

Amenities: Airport or station transfers, in-room dip pool (Tiger Suite) or a balcony (Machaan), super tasty food, in-house bar, machaan for bird watching, children’s play area, musical nights and more!

Price range: Approx. 6,000 (Machaan) and Approx. 7,500 (Suite)

Tiger N Woods Resort, Pench: Detailed Review


The Tiger N Woods is located in Pench. It is just five minutes away from the Turia Gate – the most popular gate to enter the Pench National Park. Thanks to its proximity, you can easily opt for morning safaris from the Turia Gate.

In my opinion, location-wise this is the best resort to stay. The only other resort that is as close to the Turia Gate is the Taj Baghvan which is much more expensive than the Tiger N Woods Resort. Thus, if you want a relatively affordable stay option offering an excellent location, Tiger N Woods is your best bet.

The other reason why I am particularly fond of the Tiger N Woods Resort location is that the location puts you in the buffer zone of the Pench forest. This means that you can also see plenty of birds and animals right from the comfort of your room.


Tiger N Woods offers two types of rooms – Wooden Machan and Tiger Suite.

Tiger Suite at Tiger N Woods, Pench

I stayed in a Tiger Suite and was extremely impressed with the cleanliness and neatness of the room. The room also had a calming vibe to it thanks to its eco-friendly decor. The private pool inside the rooms was also well-maintained. (We didn’t end up using it though as it was really cold in Pench and the pool water is not heated.) But, for summers, the provision of an in-room swimming pool would prove to be delightful.

The suite also comes equipped with a mini-fridge, TV and an AC.

The suite also has wheelchair access making it a great option for senior citizens or those with special needs.

The Wooden Machan, on the other hand, is more basic. You won’t find a private dip-pool, TV or a mini-fridge in the Machaan. However, the lack of these in-room amenities is compensated by a beautiful balcony. The balcony overlooks the buffer area and is an ideal spot for capturing stunning photographs of birds, deers, wild boars and other forest animals (including a tiger or a leopard, if you are lucky) without leaving the cosy comfort of your Machaan. The balcony is also a great spot to enjoy hot beverages.

Basic toiletries are provided in all rooms. Plus, there are spacious cupboards in the rooms to stow your luggage.

I also loved how the rooms came with netted baskets to keep food away from forest insects.

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Tiger N Woods is located in the forest area. This means that there are no restaurants or cafes nearby and that you have to solely rely on the resort for all your food requirements.

Thankfully, I was really pleased with the food at the resort.

The resort has both buffet and à la carte options so you can pick one that works well with you. For lunch and dinner, you will find dal, 2-3 sabzis, chapatis, rice, pickle, salad and a couple of desserts. One non-vegetarian dish is served for dinners. I loved the taste of the food and the fact that the spread was pretty basic did not quite bother me. The food was always freshly cooked and served hot.

If you are heading out on a safari, the resort also kindly packs a lovely picnic basket for you. When I opened the picnic basket on my first safari. I was expecting a basic breakfast. But I was overjoyed to see a lovely mix of 2-3 breakfast items like an omelette, sandwich and fruits in addition to wafers, muffins, tea and coffee.

In terms of in-house food facilities, the resort has a simple, elegant restaurant with an adjoining bar. The restaurant has wheelchair access. A baby chair is also kept on campus for families travelling with babies.

My food experience at this resort was one of the best amongst all the Indian resorts that I have stayed in. Plus, the stay package includes all meals which means that you do not need to spend extra bucks to enjoy the lovely meals here.


From the time I checked in to the time I checked out, I only experienced full co-operation from the staff at Tiger N Woods Forest Resort. The check-in formalities were handled smoothly and a clean room was kept ready for us on arrival (even though we reached a bit before their allowed check-in time)

During our stay, Jasraj, the manager of the resort, sought regular feedback from us to ensure that all reasonable requests were accommodated and that our stay felt as comfortable as possible. The staff gladly gave wake-up calls to its guests heading out for 5 am morning safaris.

Lovely staff at Tiger N Woods, Pench

Similarly, the reception kept all our bills ready for a hassle-free checkout.

In my opinion, it is rather difficult to run a hotel smoothly in a forest area with limited resources available in nearby areas. However, the staff at this hotel performs exceptionally well when it comes to delivering satisfactory services to its guests.

On-site facilities

Lovely place for bird-watching and hanging out

This forest resort has plenty of on-site facilities that enhance the stay experience of all its guests.

For children, there is a lovely play area. There are also plenty of swings including the age-old rubber tyre swings placed all across the property to add a fun vibe to the property.

Pool at Tiger N Woods Resort, Pench

Also, over and above the dip pools in the suites, the resort also has a common swimming pool for its guests. (I didn’t use it as I was travelling in winter and the water was quite cold!)

The resort also has plenty of selfie points that you can use to up your Insta game! You can also use the property for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

On the property, you will also find a machaan area where you can sit and observe the nature around. It’s a terrific place to click pictures of many different types of birds.

The resort also has a designated smoking area. You can even carry your own alcohol to the resort and consume it on-premise subject to corkage charges.

On Saturday, they usually also organise a musical night. I attended one during my stay and the experience of sitting in the woods on a cold night listening to classic favourites turned out to be a true delight.


I know that so far this review has been entirely positive to the point where it may start sounding fake. But trust me, my experience with the resort was genuinely pleasant and I didn’t want to point out silly shortcomings just to make the review seem more believable.

I will reiterate that my stay at this resort was not sponsored and all the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.

If you are planning to visit Pench, you can definitely stay at this resort.

Practical Information: Tiger N Woods Resort, Pench

Location: Village Awarghani, Pench Tiger Reserve, Turiya, Madhya Pradesh 480881

Room types: Tiger Suite and Machaan

Amenities: Airport or station transfers, in-room dip pool (Tiger Suite) or a balcony (Machaan), super tasty food, in-house bar, machaan for bird watching, children’s play area, musical nights and more!

Price range: Approx. 6,000 (Machaan) and Approx. 7,500 (Suite)

Book: Find the lowest available price and book on Agoda.

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