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Year 2018: The year to keep moving forward!

Year 2018 Wow! It’s the year 2018 already! Another year has come to a close and another opportunity has been offered to us to start afresh. Personally, this is my favourite time of the year as I willingly forgive my failures and rise up stronger and more determined.

2017 was a hotchpotch. There were some incredible highs and some terrible lows. I would definitely not call it my favourite year. Yet, 2017 in its bittersweet ways taught me numerous invaluable lessons. Thanks to these lessons, I feel confident to take on 2018 and turn it into a year I will cherish.

So what is it that I plan to do in 2018?

Choose happiness, no matter what!

Akshay has a full-time corporate job and I have my own legal practice. So when Akshay suggested starting this blog, I was hesitant. I thought it would be foolish of us to divert time away from our professions and do something just for the joy of it. I was worried my career would be impacted. But today, 5 months later, I am so happy to be working on this blog with Akshay. Working on it ignites a spark within me like nothing else ever does! I have learnt that we must choose happiness even though it may not seem like a rational responsible choice! In 2018, my plan is to rigorously work on this blog simply for the sheer joy that it brings to me!

Figure it out along the way

When we started this blog, we had no idea what a ‘domain name’ was! (Not kidding, seriously!) Yet, somehow our determination to write about travel and to build a respectable platform for it, had us don our learning hats and today we have developed this website all by ourselves! You have no idea how accomplished we already feel! In 2018, I am going to carry forward that zest and fearlessly (and also cluelessly) plunge into ideas and figure those out as I go!

Done is better than perfect

We have been taught that ‘quality is better than quantity’ and what that does is that we let projects sit in cold storage simply because they aren’t up to the mark. Eventually, despite all the hardwork we put in, the outcome is zero. This year, I am going to continue to strive for quality but not let it cripple my drive to keep moving. This year my motto will be ‘done is better than perfect!’

Work more, worry less!

I suffered so many emotional pitfalls last year. I would get panic attacks worrying about where my life was headed. Staying positive and motivating myself was proving to be an uphill task. Yet, despite all the worrying, whenever I worked hard, the Universe rewarded me abundantly. This year, my plan is to hustle hard and not worry about where I am headed. The Universe has a plan for me and it’s not for me to bother discerning it!

Phew! Merely putting it all down on paper has got me charged up for the year ahead. Oh and for the non-philosophical people out there, what all of the above means is that I am going to slog it off, travel a lot, laugh more and write some awesome content for all of you.

By the way, although this article is just about my plans for 2018, let me give you a little heads up on what Akshay is up to. He has already started collating photos and planning articles for 2018. Plus, thanks to his efforts, we have some amazing collaborations and trips already lined up. So, make sure you keep coming back here more often. You’re going to love us in 2018!

What’s your plan for the year 2018? 


Picture Credit: Akshay

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