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The best snacks to try on a trip to Australia

One of the best things about going to another country has to be trying their cuisine. When reading up on the country you are going to visit, you are bound to be given a whole host of choices for different food options you have to try. The Secret Traveller, for example, has written a fantastic article about foods worth travelling for as part of their blog series.

We decided to create a guide of our own, covering the five best snacks you need to try whilst in Australia. And trust us, you really need to try these when travelling Down Under.


Trip to Australia
Australian Lamingtons

These glorious square pieces of sponge cake are coated in chocolate and then rolled around in coconut. Known as the cake of Australia, they can be found in pretty much every supermarket or bakery. It sounds like the perfect treat doesn’t it? Although you can make these at home, they’re nowhere near as pleasing as a traditional Lamington.

Fairy bread

Another sweet treat for you to feast on is fairy bread, an Australian party staple. Mostly found at children’s parties, these pieces of white bread with no crusts are covered in a ton of butter and topped with plenty of hundreds and thousands. It may sound strange but Australians swear by it, plus it looks pretty appetising too.

Cheese and Vegemite scrolls

For those who don’t like Marmite, don’t write off Vegemite just yet. Contrary to popular belief, the two are certainly different. According to The Spruce Eats, who put them to a taste test, they have significant differences. Although they both have a salty taste to them, Marmite is accompanied by an element of a sweeter taste. Whereas Vegemite almost tastes meaty. As for the scrolls, they have a similar appearance to cinnamon rolls but are filled with plenty of cheese and a little Vegemite – they taste very different to cinnamon rolls, however.

Sausage Sanga

The Sausage Sanga

Aussies love to use their BBQs to create a variety of yummy foods, and the Sausage Sanga is no different. But what exactly is a Sausage Sanga? It’s similar to a hotdog but more low maintenance, instead of a roll, you grab a piece of bread, put the sausage in, cover it in sauce and fold it over. Sanga is just slang for a sandwich – easy peasy, right?

The Tim Tam

The ultimate biscuit that everyone needs in their life. Think bourbon meets penguin bar but better. Created by Arnott’s back in 1964, it has been an Australian staple ever since. It’s made of two malted biscuits sandwiched together with a chocolate cream centre and then finally coated in a thin layer of chocolate. You can also find Tim Tams in loads of flavours such as the Tim Tam Double Coat, Tim Tam White and Tim Tam Gelato Messina Choc Mint. To find out more about these bars of goodness, check out Arnott’s website.

If you’re not heading to Australia anytime soon but want to try these foods, some are available to buy online. However, you may have to try making your own fairy bread at home!


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