Our Story

We met each other in 2009 through common friends and instantly clicked. Our love for music, performing and travel pulled us closer and we got married in 2012. Our honeymoon made us realise how compatible we were, even as travellers and thereafter, we took many trips together. We have always planned all our trips entirely on our own. We have even taken many impromptu trips. We have never taken trips through a travel company. Although we aren’t against taking trips through a travel company, we feel they must be taken for the company of fun individuals that they offer, instead of taking those trips for the sake of avoiding the efforts of planning, researching and the hustle of booking. We feel travelling is enjoyable right from the planning stage. We also believe that travel is liberating and far from intimidating. Travel, when done right, gives us a chance of meeting people with different perspectives and diverse belief systems. It makes us look at places, transport systems, eating habits and the world around us with a child-like curiosity that makes every cell in our body come alive. We are the first travel blogging couple from Maharashtra and we decided to start this blog not only to document all our memories and stories, but to also inspire others to try out newer more independent ways of traveling. Through this blog, we hope to be of help to travelers, we hope to connect with people who have shared similar experiences and most importantly we hope to make travel feel easy and uncomplicated for those who dread taking a trip on their own. One doesn’t need a degree to travel, one just needs to take the first step towards it and the rest follows. That’s why we believe ‘it only takes a couple of journeys to fall in love with travel.’ Happy Travelling! Love, Vrushali & Akshay