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Sea View Studio: Most Value for Money Airbnb in Old Town Dubrovnik

When I decided to visit Dubrovnik, Croatia, I knew for sure that I wanted to live in the Old Town. I checked for hotels in the Old Town and realised that there were just a couple of really expensive hotels in there. So I looked for options and came across this Airbnb in Old town Dubrovnik – Sea View Studio Positive Place – Old Town – II. 

airbnb in old town dubrovnik
Review of my Airbnb in Old town, Dubrovnik

Here is a quick review of that place:

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This probably is one of the most affordable (read cheapest) options inside the Old Town listed on Airbnb and that automatically makes it the ideal choice for travellers like me. We paid 45 Euros per night for a room with double occupancy. However, it is important to note here that the price is cheap vis-a-vis quite a few other listings on AirBnB for Old Town, Dubrovnik. In Zagreb, which is not as flooded with tourists as Dubrovnik is, we got a room four times the size of this room!


Our room was located on the first floor of the tiny house. The room was well-decorated and clean when we arrived. There was another room next to us which was allocated to other travellers. What this meant was that we could interact with fellow tourists if and when we wanted without them being too intrusive. Although the room was pretty small, it wasn’t unusual compared to the rooms in most homes of the Old Town. There was a common passage area outside our room. Beyond that, there was a lovely common balcony facing the walls of the Old Town. I would say, for Dubrovnik standards, this place was definitely value for money.


The location of this place is incredible. It is situated very close to the Buza Gate, at the top of Dubrovnik, making it very convenient to access it with luggage. One doesn’t need to climb the 100+ steep stairs all the way up from Stradun to reach this place. There are also a couple of restaurants adjacent to the place. You will also find a supermarket nearby. Besides, given the fact that this place is inside the Old Town, you can hang out and soak the vibes of the magnificent Old Town till the wee hours of the night.


For its affordable pricing, this Airbnb in Old Town Dubrovnik comes packed with quite a few facilities. Towels were provided to us. The bathroom was equipped with shower gel, shampoo and also a hairdryer. The room had a cupboard for keeping our belongings safe. We were also provided with a key not just to our room but also to the main entrance thanks to which we could enter and exit the house as per our whim. 

Host and Hospitality

Although we did not meet Ivona, her brother was always available for help. He was present to welcome us even when we arrived pretty late in the evening. He even accommodated our request for fresh towels to be provided every day. On our last day, he allowed us to keep our luggage in the house even after checkout. He could be easily contacted on phone. He guided us whenever needed with information on the Old Town, tourist agents, supermarkets etc. We were really pleased with his warmth and hospitality as it made our stay in Dubrovnik really comfortable.


This place has been renovated and is now a stunning modern looking apartment. It still continues to be value for money. You can book this gorgeous Airbnb in old town Dubrovnik here on Airbnb. Also, if you want a discount on your first booking worth 19$, use my Airbnb coupon code now!

Pic credit: Couple of Journeys

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